Savage Petal

is the story of a lonely broken girl locked in an institution with creatures because she’s a monster too, at least that’s what she believes because of the sins of her past. 

In Forest Haven she finds the loves of her life, but their futures are already determined and not because they’re incarcerated. Propelled by the mastery program, it doesn’t seem like there’s any chance for freedom from becoming the nightmares that hunt down the worst monsters. 

Val’s fate had already been decided. Ever since that fall night five years ago, nothing mattered. She just waited to die. The problem was, no one else seemed to understand that. Until she met Dev, he wanted freedom too and cared about her despite her evil actions. Maybe it was because he was a demon, or perhaps it was because he was her twin flame.

At least that’s what she believed until she was transferred to a different unit at Forest Haven. A unit filled with monsters. Death should have been simple surrounded by creatures, but that’s when things got complicated and Val wasn’t so sure that her death was the only answer. 

She didn’t have powers like the others, the only common link was she was a killer too. A different kind of monster. The twins, Gideon and Ren, watched every move she made, but she didn’t know if it was because they wanted to befriend her or get rid of her. The secrets Dev kept from her made her uncertain she could still trust him and her new psychic friend Bela assured her that Dev only did things to benefit himself.

Val’s plan for death or escape seems impossible and forces her to make choices that will destroy any chance of redemption. 

Valdis "Val"

the confused sad girl 

Devlin "Dev"

her dark tormentor, I mean boyfriend


the nosy friend


the mysterious carefree twin


the quiet, mad twin

Savage Petal is an adult dark reverse harem speculative romance with monsters... both human and paranormal. It has many triggers, read with caution. The story is told in multiple POVs from the characters. 

Some Triggers in Savage Petal: Graphic Violence/Gore, Trauma/Depression, Suicidal Ideations/Self Harm, Suicide attempt, Toxic relationships, Possessive Male(s), Explicit sexual content, Blood / Breath Play, Sadomasochism and more. 

If all that sounds good to you, welcome to the cult. This tale has sharp teeth, it will make you bleed.