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Tales with Teeth

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Shadows & Scars Series

Haunted Legacies Series

Kingdom of the Dead Series

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Meet Renee

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Meet the King

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Other available series

Haunted Legacies

Meet Val

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Created by the talented Thea Green

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Created by the amazing Fabienne Martens

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About Ryana

I write compelling dark stories to remind the world of things forgotten and challenge their perception of reality, relationships and beyond by giving voices to characters that are not mainstream.

Ryana is an neurodivergent author working in prose, screen, and comic books. She is drawn to flaws and darkness, finding honesty and depth lurking there. Some of the most interesting stories are hidden behind the day-to-day facade we protect ourselves with. She scratches at the surface, flips the coin over, and keeps digging until she finds the soul of a story. 

She lives in a small island town in the wilds of the east coast. When she’s not writing or enthralling people with her oral storytelling, she can be found relaxing with a cup of coffee, designing house layouts or painting with diamonds.

Graphic novels and/or comics Ryana wrote stories in. Click to follow a link to purchase.

Dead Future Anthology

Grim Crew Presents: Dead Future #3

Grim Crew Presents: Dead Future #4

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Dark and monstrous stories with broken and jaded characters that find redemption and beauty