The Dark Veil World

Key Characters


Curious about everything in this new existence with them, everything but herself and her own abilities


Defined by his duty as a Solider of Night he will stop at nothing to destroy any creature that crosses his path 

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Disconnected and lost, he struggles to redeem himself from the poor choices of his past

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Born as a Soldier of Night and tasked with watching over Will and Ander she uses all of her talents to keep them functional and safe while still upholding the directive

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An angel of god, but more interested in seeking the truths of the universe

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A creature mage that refuses to be labeled and loyal only to himself and his principles 



A reputation for violence and rage overshadow this race's contributions to humanity

Some tribes have learned to control their beast and became warriors against evil

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Driven by history and tradition vampires still use Courts for their hierarchy and control

Not able to wield magic the vampires use their devastating mental abilities to dominate, ensnare and corrupt prey or enemies

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No structure or organization exists for those that exist primarily on the ethereal plane

However many restless sprits still tethered this this plane seek power, to be released or to harm others

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Relentless in their pursuit to control and rule over earth

As long standing history of animosity with the Soldiers of Night keeps the war escalating

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Beautiful, powerful celestial beings that strive for order and executing the will of heaven

They are willing to use the Soldiers of Night to reach their goals but do not support them

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Magic Users

Made up of any creature or human that has mastered the ability to wield magic either by bloodline or skill

Councils preside over the three sects of balance, dark and light power

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Most of these creatures do not have the ability to think or plan but those that do are a terrible forced to be reckoned with

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Once revered as protectors of the oracles with god-like strength and potent venom

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Flesh eating shape-shifting humanoids that primarily prey on pregnant women to consume the blood of fetuses

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