Kingdom of the Dead

The undead rule the world now, devouring anything with a heartbeat. How can humans hope to survive with vicious creatures at every turn?

King of the Dead

Almost a decade after the fall of man. The undead ruled the world now, and somehow Renee was still alive. She’d only been a teenager when the apocalypse started and watched everyone around her die. She had given up when he found her. But when he forced her as his prisoner, it breathed a new purpose into her existence. Renee would learn the secret that might save humanity and destroy them. Only to get the information, she will have to get close to the king of the dead. 

A ghost from his past; when his horde took the city and he saw her, Zane didn’t hesitate to seek her out. Without knowing it, she’d been the reason he’d become the monster he was. Given a second chance, he saved her and made her his own. Devastated when she didn’t remember him, but he couldn’t let her go, not this time. Zane will stop at nothing to make her his queen. 

They discover they are bound by more than circumstance, that life and death may not be what they believed and they can be reborn through love. Together they can create the Kingdom of the Dead.

Queen of the Dead

Renee’s happily ever after is more complicated than she expected. Her initial dream of accepting herself and her new existence was shattered against the relentless tides of her split loyalties. Torn between her deep-rooted ties to humanity and her newfound, unbreakable bond with the horde, she grapples with who to give her allegiance to. Zane still doesn’t trust Renee enough to reveal his secret. If he can’t trust her, how can he truly love her?

Zane has crowned Renee his queen, and will stop at nothing to protect her. Even if it’s from the worst monster he knows of, himself. With peril lurking at every corner, and the icy grip of winter closing in, Zane relentlessly searches for sanctuary for their horde. The shadow of his turbulent past looms, casting shackles over every decision he makes, driving an ever-widening chasm between him and the one soul he cherishes above all else. 

Together, they must protect the horde by leading them to safety before the grip of winter arrives. They must survive to keep the Kingdom of the Dead. 

City of the Dead

The conclusion of Renee and Zane's story.

Coming Soon!

Image by Rob Maggs from Pixabay