Shadows & Scars Series

As Maeve learns the men who saved her are sworn to rid the world of monsters and myth becomes truth, it’s her secret that changes everything.

Everything Maeve has known is a lie, just under the surface of her safe existence is a monstrous universe threatening all of humankind. At least that is what the two soldiers that saved her life told her. Thrust into their violent world of death and destruction, she struggles to hold on to her own humanity, making decisions she never believed she would have to make. Disturbed and drawn to each of them. Will’s bestial lust for her sets her body on fire one moment, only to be rejected the next. Her powerful attachment to Ander’s gentle soul comforts her, but every time they connect, she feels his darkness just below the surface. Maeve must choose whether to stay with them or leave.

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Honor bond by his duty to protect the masses Will embodies all the traits valued as a Soldier of Night. He is brutal, relentless and uncompromising when dealing justice to creatures. He has spent his entire life in the war against the monsters, alongside his best-friend Ander. Even with Ander’s mental health questionable, he wouldn’t want anyone else at his side. The summer evening when he saved Maeve from demons, he had no idea how much that would change his world, or how she would shatter his convictions.

Shadows and pain are what Ander understands best. Despite his magical talents, he could not be redeemed from the abomination he is. Bound by more than shed blood, Will is his adopted brother and one true friend. Together they seek and destroy aberrations that poison the world. There was nothing for him but carnage and death until Maeve touched his hand. With her Ander could see a different side of himself, a different life. Desperate to find a way to keep her with them, he will risk even Will’s wrath.

Photo by Ian on Unsplash