Cruel Orchid

Val is a broken woman haunted by the evil of her past. She can't escape the ominous shadow that clings to her or the monsters, both paranormal and human, that threaten to consume her. Stuck between her loyalties to them and her own inner demons, Val must make choices that seem impossible. 

Val is no longer just empty - she's hollow, a shell of her former self. Ten years ago, she left Forest Haven and the love and acceptance she had finally found there. Now, pain and memories are her only companions. Despite Madoc’s attempts to heal her wounded soul, he cannot seem to reach her. 

Shattered by the loss of Val, he’d given up and given in to what he hated the most. Now a full time enforcer, after he was saved from himself and Hell, Dev struggles to get from night to night. He dreams of death. Val’s death and then his own. 

But Bela and the twins haven't given up on finding their Sun. As their powers grow, they realize the only way to reach her is through Dev. So they secretly ally themselves with him, biding their time until they can claim the freedom they left behind years ago.

Can they reclaim what they have lost and still have a future? 

The journey is anything but sweet, as she battles against her own issues and the dangers that surround her. Will she find a way to reconcile with her past, or will she be consumed by the darkness that lurks within and around her? With a unique blend of dark romance and speculative fiction, immerse yourself in this dark and unforgettable tale that will leave you breathless and yearning for more.


the broken woman




her tormentor


the caretaker


the supportive twin


the quiet, mad twin

Cruel Orchid is an adult dark reverse harem speculative romance with monsters... both human and paranormal. It has many triggers, read with caution. The story is told in 3rd person multiple POVs from the characters. 

Some Triggers in Cruel Orchid: death, suicidal ideations, childhood trauma, mental abuse, mention of sexual assault in past, mention of drug/alcohol abuse, mention of child loss, cannibalism, medical experimentation, mental health issues, torture, blood, graphic injuries and gore, self harm, bullying, toxic relationships, explicit sexual content, breath play, blood/knife play, sadomasochism and other possible triggers.

If all that sounds good to you, welcome to the cult. This tale has sharp teeth, it will make you bleed.